The Ultimate Creator of Federation-Apocalypse: A Template

After being genuinly confused about this over here, I requested a build for this. I mean, it’s omnipotence, it has to be a… what, level 1000 character to get that?

Then I sat back and realized… Maybe not…

So I made it a Template. Brace yourselves, for here comes the template to end all templates:

The Ultimate Creator

  • Dominion 6 CP
  • Manipulation 3 CP (Specialized: Prerequisite only)
  • Sphere of Influence (Knowledge) 2 CP (Specialized and Corrupted for reduced cost: Doesn’t allow him to grant spells, doesn’t allow him to cast spells at -1 level)
  • Sphere of Influence (Magic) 2 CP (Specialized and Corrupted for reduced cost: Doesn’t allow him to grant spells, doesn’t allow him to cast spells at -1 level)
  • Sphere of Influence (Good) 2 CP (Specialized and Corrupted for reduced cost: Doesn’t allow him to grant spells, doesn’t allow him to cast spells at -1 level)
  • Godfire 3 CP (Specialized: Cannot actually use Godfire outside of the passive effects)
  • Divine Attribute 6 CP (Specialized and Corrupted to allow 3 Spheres at once: Once this has been turned on, it can never be turned off. The character permanently falls under control of the DM. The character’s mind is gone, permanently and irreversibly)
  • Creation 6 CP
  • Sanctify 6 CP (Specialized and Corrupted for increased effect: Only works in Core; only works on one specific template. The spell itself is a Level 18 Flesh-to-Salt-style spell)
  • 2x Endowment 6 CP (Specialized for Reduced cost: This ability can only pass on it’s abilities to the Greater Endowment, meaning that actually devoting yourself to the Ultimate Creator grants no benefit)
  • 2x Greater Endowment 12 CP (Specialized: The followers abilities fail to function if he is not in the Divine Realm Core; The person that gains this ability doesn’t actually have to be a follower of the Ultimate Creator and can even be opposed to him)

That’s 54 CP, or a +1 ECL template. Seems fine so far.

Now what’s the deal with this? Let me explain the Endowment first:

The Endowment grants the following ability:

  • Sanctum 2 CP (Specialized: The follower doesn’t actually get to decide what abilities he has; Corrupted: The follower doesn’t get to decide his place of power, as it will always be Core)

Now what does the follower have in his Sanctum?

  • Dominion 2 CP (Specialized and Corrupted: Cannot draw on or use Dominion points; Doesn’t qualify the user for Dominion-abilities outside of the abilities gained via Sanctum)
  • Manipulation 3 CP (Prerequisite only)
  • Godfire 3 CP (Prerequisite only)
  • Creation 6 CP (Specialized and Corrupted for unlimited creatable planes: The followers planes are unstable unless supported by other followers, the followers soul will be dragged across his race’s creations, often including the (literally) worst imaginable horrors and wars, often loosing his memories in the process, cannot visit his planes by any means, save for this abilities specialization, unless his race reaches a certain critical point, his planes cannot create souls unless overlaid with Core, a lot of the plane’s stuff is inherently incompatible with everything ever, requires the follower to write a book, make a movie or tell tales of the plane he wishes to create and in fact cannot turn that off)
  • Privilege (Major) 6 CP (Doesn’t suffer from Core’s Planar Alignment Trait)
  • Mystic Link/Identity Link (with Core) 4 CP (Specialized: This only works while you have a Core-Soul; The Identity Link only makes it seem like you are on Core, thus granting you all sanctum-abilities, Corrupted for reduced cost: Returning doesn’t work anymore should the Ultimate Creator disallow it)

How does this equate to what we see? Well, the followers Sanctum is, obviously, the ability to create the manifold itself while ensuring the downsides via specialization and corruption.

Now we just need to get the four key pieces in: Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omnibenevolence.

Omniscience is covered by being knowledge itself via Divine Attribute.

Omnipotence refers to the fact that the Ultimate Creator is immune to all the sadistic restrictions of core while wielding the incredible power that comes with being the embodiment of magic.

Omipresence and Omnibenevolence actually both come from being the embodiment of Good. How? Well, remember how the followers are immune to a planar alignment trait? You guessed it: Core isn’t actually neutral. It is, in fact, strongly good aligned, which means that good is everywhere, and as such, the Ultimate Creator is everywhere… And no one is able to tell because no one is actually inconvenienced by the trait due to the privilege gained by being in Core.

This template also explains how the Epic-Level effect in the temple came to be: It’s simply a high-end Sanctify effect.

As for how he stops returning… Well, it’s simple really: People turned to stone aren’t actually dead, thus returning doesn’t apply. In addition, the restriction is put into the Sanctum-abilities.

Keep in mind that all abilities that rely on Core only work outside of it because of the Mystic Link. Said Mystic Link works simply because every Soul has to have been in Core (as it’s the only place where Souls come from), thus allowing the Link to work once, after which it sustains it’s own condition for working.

What does this tell us in the end?





That playing the Ultimate Creator has to be, hands down, the most boring thing imaginable.

EDIT: Some changes have been made.


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Creator of Federation-Apocalypse: A Template

  1. That does a very nice job of building your basic monotheistic god, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent – and also non-interventionist. That’s a problem that’s been giving theologians fits for a very long time, so it’s rather amusing to see how easily it resolves itself in Eclipse. A very impressive bit of background-building there!

    I’m not sure that I’d call the limitations of Core “sadistic” (it IS just reality) – but it could certainly be seen that way, so that’s just me.

    The only awkward details are that there’s no need to explain the Temple Ward (since it’s in Battling Business World) or to explain how the Ultimate Creator “stops” would-be universe destroyers from Returning, since that’s handled by all the creatures that live in the universe and don’t want to blow up. Still, leaving those bits out just makes it even simpler; the Ultimate Creator has set up the universe so that it should run safely on it’s own; he, she, it, or they doesn’t need to intervene.


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