Ponies (yes, again) and Martial Arts

So over here, Thoth suggested to “go completely over the top” and make a full Martial Artist. So I kinda did. And, as surprisingly many things in my life, the end result has to do with ponies. Specifically, a fandom variant: The Tatzlpony.

First, we take Alzrius pony-bases  (I tend to default to them due to them being ECL +0 races) and take the following:

3x Extra Limb (Corrupted for reduced cost: A single tongue can only wield light weapons, two can wield a one-handed weapon and all three together can wield a two-handed weapon) 12 CP
Anime Master (Specialized: Grappling only) 3 CP
Trick (Swallow Whole) 6 CP

This makes a Tatzlepony a +1 ECL race. At least in most cases. Fortunately for some, the entire Tatzlpony-Template is Corrupted:

A Tatzlepony looks rather wierd, haing a draconic tail and marking under their eyes. Their animal-like behaviour also inflicts a -2 penality on all Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma Attribute and Skill Checks and a flat out -1 to all herbivore-starting-attitudes towards them.

This means that all Tatzlponies, except for Earth-Tatzlponies, are a +1 ECL Template.
Now let’s look at what a Martial Tatzlpony would need:
A Martial Art.
Martial Maneuvers.
Martial Stances.
Path of the Dragon-Style Martial abilities.
Let’s do them one after another from the bottom up:
The Path of the Dragon-Style Martial abilities will be done via a relic, as they are the most naturally expensive ability (but aren’t above the limit of a renewable relic).
We snatch Immunity: Melds/Relics cannot be damaged or removed. (Common/Minor/Great, 12 CP) from over here, we take Enthusiast/Double (Specialized and Corrupted for Increased effect: Relics only, only for a specific relic) 6 CP and then we take Create Relic (Specialized and Corrupted for increased effect: Only for special abilties related to “Basic Maneuvers”, only with points from Enthusiast) 6 CP.
This results in a 24 CP cost for our Level 1 Tatzlpony and grants the following abilities:

Shaping (6 CP), Pulse of the Dragon (L1 for 6 CP, L2 for 12 CP, and L3 for 24 CP), and Heart of the Dragon (L1 for 6 CP, L2 for 12 CP, and L3 for 24 CP). This is specialized and Corrupted as we could see over on ruscumag.
Immunity to Antimagic (Common, Minor, Epic, 18 CP base), Specialized and Corrupted/only protects Path of the Dragon abilities, and only those which can reasonably be interpreted as skill-based effects (6 CP)

This puts us at 96 CP, which means we still have 12 points left… So we just get 3 Stances for 6 CP and Fast Learner (Specialized for Double Effect: To buy Maneuvers only) for the final 6 CP.
Martial Stances are seen over here.
After looking through the available stuffs, I decided that Strategos doesn’t fit… So we just take the rest at a 58 CP cost.

Martial Maneuvers are handled over here. This costs 146 CP, but allows for a great deal of versatility.

Finally, a Tatzlpony uses a Tatzlpony-specific Martial Art. Instead of flat-out buying it, we instead take two restrictions:
Cannot use Medium or Heavy Armor AND can not wield weapons with any limbs but their tongues.
That provides it with 2 CP per level for their Martial Art (and when they can’t take any more Skill Rank, they can take more Basic Maneuvers).
However, we also give them an Advanced Finesse: Substitute any one Attribute for Constitution when it comes to Hit Point rolls (it’ll probably be Strenght).
Now, that gives us a cost of 240 CP.
We are gonna assume 20 Levels for a 504 CP base.
This leaves us with 264 CP.
For that we buy the basic expenditures of a Fighter:
46 Skill Points for 46 CP
24 total base Saving Throws for 72 CP
20d10 HD for 120 CP
+20 BAB for 120 CP
Proficiency with all Weapons and Armor for 27 CP

That is far more than we have left. So where do we reduce stuff?
Well, first off we reduce the Proficiencies to 6 CP (Light Armor and Simple Weapons only)
Then we drop the HD from a d10 to a d8, reducing the HD cost to 80 CP
Finally, we Corrupt the BAB (only applies while using the Tatzlpony Martial Art) to reduce the cost to 80 CP

This leaves us at 524… Still 20 too many!
But 20 is the amount of levels we have too…
So we take another restriction: Cannot use Metal Weapons and Armor. This is the standard druid restriction, but it still applies well enough, even if a Tatzlpony rarely uses weapons… Because honestly, neither does a druid.

And that would conclude the Tatzlpony-Martial-class. Of course, only an Earth-Tatzlpony will actually be able to take 20 Levels and stay below epic. A different Tatzlpony-type, should it for whatever reason choose to become a Martial Artist, will probably loose out on some Stances…

The Tatzlpony Martial Art (Str)
The Tatzlpony path is more of a way to eat than it is a way to fight: The Style does nothing but has the Tatzlpony jump out and pelt the enemy into submission so it can use it’s Swallow Whole Trick. While Tatzlponies have a tendency to subdue rather than kill, prefering to allow their insides to crush the life out of their opponents, the vicious strikes and lashes are more than capable of doing some serious damage. A powerful Tatzlpony can thus even crush rocks with it’s tongues. While the tongues are rather agile, the core of the style is focused on brute Strength. This is normally a Tatzlpony-only style… Yet there are stories of a tribe of Mind Flayers that “season” their victims with pain by crushing said victims lower body in their throats.
Techniques: Power 4 (1d10 unarmed damage), Strike and Synergy (Jump)
Advanced Techniques: Breaking, Reach and Battlecry
Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Focused Blow and Paralyze


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