Short stuff: Unity and the Theurgy special ability

So I’ve found a bit of time and figured, why not write a bit about these two?

See, these two abilities, if used together, allow you to convert between all lists. Yes, you heard that right, ALL lists.

Unity allows you to treat everything psionics related like magic, meanig your power-list now counts as a spell list. Sure, they couldn’t be augmented as spells (unless there is the whole mythic magic thing going on), but it made it possible.

Theurgy is the kicker though. Sure, it sounds all weird at first (“What, I can only convert Divine to Arcane and back?”), but the second sentence mentions conversions between Cleric and Druid spells… Which are both (normally) divine in nature. As such, it is pretty obvious: You can mix and match what you want for +2 spell levels.

Sure, it doesn’t seem that impressive from the spell side of things… Yet, from the power side, it was far more attractive: You could still augment your powers AND got free caster-level-based benefits from the converted spells.

Here are the most interesting conversion-options you shouldn’t overlook:

Miracle: Because let’s face it, despite the abilities of Wish, this spell blows everything out of the water in sheer terms of versatility. You can copy EVERY spell of level 7 or lower you like. If it weren’t for the fact that the spell requires you to use Material Components in the description rather than stating it as a component (meaning Easy-Metamagic doesn’t work), we would’t be looking at most of these options.

Domains: Starting off with a big one, any normally exclusive domain spell can now be yours. In most cases, I will admit, Miracle does the job, but sometimes you don’t have expensive components at hand, in which case an Easy Domain spell might suit you better.

Feat-based spells: I have to say, this is an odd one. Some of the spells require you to have the relevant feat (which means that spells like “Necrotic Cyst” are still off-limits), but most of the feat-based spells (like “Stone Walk”) don’t. I think there are 30 orso Initiate feats alone… so yeah, that’s an investment I can get behind. They are added “to your spell list”, but list their levels etc. as being part of this feats “spell list”… Of course, if your DM disagrees, just take the spell directly from a friendly Cleric who has them. They are on his spell list, after all, and his spell list is the cleric spell list, even if it’s been expanded.

Sanctified and Corrupt spells: This is a funny one. Technically, everyone can cast from this list, but needs to fulfill specific requirements to access it in the first place. Of course, once you’ve made a Sanctified spell a Wizard spell, these restrictions no longer apply. Sadly, you will still have to pay the Sacrific/Corruption costs.

Pathfinder/3.5-spells: This only works if the Pathfinder package deal is available. When it comes down to it, a lot of Pathfinder spells are weaker versions of the original 3.5 stuff. Yet, some of it is new and some of the nerfs made up for it (we can Easy a PF-Wish, for example, while the XP cost of a 3.5 wish can’t be… Well, wished away). We now have the weird scenario of a Wizard-to-Wizard-conversion with different spell lists. While this seems weird, it’s simply an unlisted conversion, and as such, a +2 cost.


With that, this short little post pretty much already ends.

Before you leave, keep in mind that, while Innate Magic makes it really attractive to get something like “Glibness” as a new shiny supernatural ability, it must come from spells that YOU CAN CAST. As such, said Glibness is a level 5 spell, as that’s the kind of Glibness you can cast…

It still get’s rid of the pesky XP-cost though, even if specifics trump the general rules. So no… You do not get free items out of SLA-Wishes, as much as you’d like that.


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