Really short posts: Are infinite CP possible?

I’m sure you’ve all asked this yourself one way or another the moment you read the book.

For this incredibly short post, I just want to tell you: Yes, it’s possible.

We all know the highest CP-multiplier in the book is 18* (Specialized and Corrupted Relics), so we can say that if there is a method that permanently adds more than 1 CP for an 18 CP cost, stacks with itself, and is infinitely repeatable, we have reached our goal.

In reality, we don’t actually “need” 18 CP… A regular relic for 6 CP is fine. Just get Self-Development (Intelligence) and undergo Unique Training. Every point of Intelligence will yield 2 CP, which is one more than we need to get an additional 2 CP increase that way.

To put it differently: You gain 1 CP per relic made, infinitely.

Of course, you’d have to carry it. Well, if you want, corrupt the relic and add Mystic Link. Should you have already bought Power Link, you can get the benefits even if you don’t have the relic on hand.


There are other variations of this (personally, I kinda like the idea of using Cyberware and Corruption to create a 27 CP relic that way, taking Self-Development of all mental attributes to apply only to counteract the penalities and then paying 6 CP to make it a full-blown +1 Int while also adding the Mystic Link), but that’s the basic idea behind of it. Of course, this should never be done in an actual game. Ever. There is no way to properly balance this, so you just shouldn’t use it.

That’s it for this post… like I said, a rather short one.



*Cyberware allows an additional instance of specialization, raising the multiplier to 36. Double-Specializing something should only ever happen in templates, and even then it’s something one should avoid unless it’s absolutely necessary for the concept to work.


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