Another pony race: The… Non-Ponies (I’m not too creative with names)

Aaaand it’s me again. With ponies… Again.

Ok, so I always wanted to do something similar to the Incarnum Builds over on ruscumag, but for the longest time, I had no idea what to do. I liked the overall idea, but the Mana-Redirect and the advanced adaption (which I didn’t find in the book) made me somewhat unsure about it, or at least unsure enough to make it the cornerstone of a build. So I figured that I might as well decide to avoid this and change it a little bit.

The aliens are Incarnum-Users too (not the best ones, but it’s one of their primary features), so I figured, why not make an artifical, pony-like servant species? Well, it didn’t go according to plan (they were too much “pony-like” and not enough “servant species”), the aliens couldn’t be bothered to wipe them out. Why waste even MORE time on them anyway?

Since I’m not the most creative person, and they aren’t really ponies, I just named them Non-Ponies.


The Non-Pony Template (+0 ECL/30 CP)


  • Innate Enchantment (“Magitech”) 4 CP (all of them are continious personal-only CL 1 Level 1 effects, thus costing 1,400 GP [except for Resistance, which is a Level 0 use-activated effect, thus costing only 700 GP])
    +2 to Strenght
    +2 to Dexterity
    +2 to Constitution
    +2 to Intelligence
    +2 to Wisdom
    +2 to Charisma
    Mage Armor
  • Immunity/Stacking limits when combining innate enchantment effects with external effects (Common, Minor, Trivial; covers effects of up to level one, 1 CP)
  • Immunity/the normal XP cost of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Minor, Trivial; only covers up to first level effects at caster levels of one, 1 CP)

This is the basic “cyborg”-cyberware: A little overall improvement, a bit of armor and a something to help you out in critical situations. This isn’t gonna be too great later on, but for now, it’s a big boost.

  • Cloaking (Relics) (This simply disguises the relics to look, sound, smell and feel like actual, natural parts of the body) 2 CP
  • Disharmony-Subtype 2 CP (Specialized: Automatically fails all saves and has no SR, AC or Immunities against Harmony-Artifacts and only reduces the damage taken by Disharmony-damage by 50%; Takes only 50% more Harmony damage)

The cloaking is the little brother of the full-on immunity in the Incarnum-entry. These relics are still soul energy, but it manifests externally, with additional (but basic) mechanical parts providing stability to them. They look like normal bodyparts until cut-off, sundered or exposed via other means (such as the cloaking crashing).

The Disharmony-Subtype is fairly Equestria-only and explains how Harmony always wins for no good reason (and sometimes against all good reasons). Interestingly enough, the core that provides the subtype can fail just as much as other systems. If confronted with a Harmony-Artifact, self-harm can be inflicted to obtain a fighting chance, provided you know about the Artifact before it blasts you.


  • Create Relic (Specialized: can only be used to create a limited (Int) set of predetermined personal relics, no more than (Con-10) may be created at a time, all of them must be related to a specific theme, and such relics can have a maximum cost of 6 CP (8 if they occupy a magic item slot).) 3 CP
  • Enthusiast/Adaption/Double 9 CP (Specialized: Only to invest points in relics; Corrupted: You can only create melds/relics that occupy a related (GMO) item slot; You can buy this specific version of Enthusiast multiple times.)
  • Enthusiast/Adaption/Double 9 CP (Specialized: Only to invest points in relics; Corrupted: You can only create melds/relics that occupy a related (GMO) item slot; You can buy this specific version of Enthusiast multiple times.)
  • Enthusiast/Adaption/Double 9 CP (Specialized: Only to invest points in relics; Corrupted: You can only create melds/relics that occupy a related (GMO) item slot; You can buy this specific version of Enthusiast multiple times.)
  • Eldritch (If the use the unicorn’s horn meld, it glows when using innate enchantments or spellcasting, and a matching glow surrounds the target) 0 CP

The Eldritch for the glow is typical.

The change to Incarnum is that instead of requiring Mana-Points, it forces the user to take up an item slot. This increases the points you can add to it, but I figured that the GM will make good on the idea that it blocks important equipment-slots.

Personally, I’m always suspect to allowing more than one instance of Enthusiast, but in this case, it’ll have to do.

Disadvantages (cost reducing, -10 overall):

  • Dependant. They are dependant on a regular Equestrian environment. Whenever a character sees another creature die, a successful lethal-damage critical hit or delibitating called shot occurs, an effect or condition causes a gruesome or bloody sight or the character is confronted with a creature he knows to have the evil subtype, he takes the listed -3 (morale) penality until calmed.

This is what I meant by saying that they are too pony-like: They are rather vulnerable to bad things happening around them. Humans are vulnerable to that too (for example, take a baby, throw it in a wood chipper and watch the people around you react… On second thought, DON’T), but ponies are a whole ‘nother league of squeamish.

  • Secret (Race). You are a creature with the Disharmony-Subtype. Due to Equestria being Equestria, you are not gonna be a full-on Outcast if this is revealed… But you still gain the “Poor Reputation” disadvantage. Furthermore, your internal technology is rather advanced for Equestrian standards… And the standards of the countries around it. As such, you are now also “Valuable”.

If discovered, keep in mind that you are the antithesis of the thing ponies basically worship and are a technological breakthrough that would set the family of the pony that discovers you for life. So yeah… AVOID THAT.

  • Accursed. Their melds cause some additional interferences. A non-pony cannot create non-incarnum relics by any means (but can adopt premade relics) and the Melds/Relics can be supressed by Incarnum-supressing magic

Anti-Incarnum spells work against them. The general anti-relic thing is the real disadvantage: Outside of their racial package, making relics is impossible, meaning anything that requires you to go beyond 8 CP is sorta off-limits.

Disadvantages (additional):

  • Accursed. Any damage, or other harmful effect, that befalls the unicorn’s horn meld (e.g. must target the horn specifically, rather than the non-pony overall) causes all innate enchantments and spells cast to immediately end. No more can be used until the effect is healed

This makes the “Horn”-Relic a double-edged sword: Yes, you can cast spells, but if it’s hit, your magitech fails too.

  • Accursed. Unless they have the unicorn’s horn meld in effect, they cannot cast regular spells or use powers

Unicorn. Masterrace. Welcome to Equestria.


That’s a few additional disadvantages that don’t contribute points, but fit with the overall Equestria-Theme.

This is a ECL +0 race, and a fairly powerful one at that. Still, before we wrap this up, here we have a few (Incarnum-)relics that I made with the theme of “Equestrian Inhabitants”.

Legendary Power (1 CP meld; 6 CP return):

  • Enthusiast/Double (Specialized and Corrupted: Relics only; Premade relics only)

This is less creature-specific as it is the potential for all Equestrians to attume to objects like the Crystal Heart of the Elements of Harmony. A “Relic of more Relics” of sort. Cloaked, this is a Cutie Mark, visually changing to represent the attuned relics. Uncloaked, it’s an ugly, complex metal plate that pulses with energy.

Changeling Drain (2 CP meld; 11 CP return):

  • Inherent Spell (Bestow Curse)/+4 Bonus Uses (Specialized and Corrupted: target must be experiencing the emotion of Love or Friendship and the effect fades over the next few days whether removed or not)
  • Major Privilege (Can ignore the negative side effects of bad karma) (Specialized: Requires 4 Love Points per Bad Karma)
  • Karma (Corrupted: Cannot accumulate Good Karma (every Good Karma gained turns into Bad Karma))

This grants the basic Changeling-Drain and the ability to convert Love (and important deeds) into a temporary source of power. Cloaked, the user’s eyes become emerald green. Uncloaked, it looks like the user has solid blue insect-eyes.

Earthpony Stamina (3 CP meld; 18 CP return):

  • Presence (Cat’s Grace) (Specialized for double effect: Self-only)
  • Presence (Bear’s Endurance) (Specialized for double effect: Self-only)
  • Presence (Bull’s Strenght) (Specialized for double effect: Self-only)

A +4 to all physical stats. This doesn’t stack with enhancement boni, but it’s a great overall boost at low levels. Cloaked, it simply makes the user muscular, especially the area where it is bound. Uncloaked, you can see black veins spreading from the bound point through the entire body, pulsating with glowing energy at basically all times.

Gryphon’s Claws (4 CP meld; 24 CP return):

  • Bonus Attack/Improved
  • Bonus Attack
  • 2x Martial Arts

In return for a -2 penality, you gain 2 additional attacks, dealing 1d6 damage each. Cloaked, it just looks like you have the upper body of a gryphon. Uncloaked, your body turns pitch-black and the features become exaggerated, making you look more like a complete monster than a sapient being.

Pegasus’ Wings (5 CP meld; 29 CP return):

  • Acrobatics/Light Foot (Corrupted: Only while wings can be used freely and are undamaged; Can always make a Perform (Stuntflying) in place of a different roll)
  • Celerity/Stunt Double/Additional (Specialized: Will not function properly if the user’s wings are entangled, damaged, or otherwise restrained (although, weirdly enough, as long as the user’s wings are free to move, it doesn’t matter if they are actually moving), is subject to dispelling (Caster level=Character level), antimagic, and similar effects, and makes the user magically conspicuous)

This allows you to look like a pegasus. Light Foot allows the user to get unconsciously pushed up while “moving” down through (as in, falling through) or on a cloud, substituting for cloudwalking (though it will seem somewhat odd to observers that know how pegasi-magic normally works). Stunt Double substitutes for weirdness like a Rainboom… Yet, it doesn’t provide the actual speed. Pony-flight is an odd thing at best that makes physics cry, so simulating it isn’t easy. Cloaked, it looks like a regular pair of wings, their physical description being up to the user. Uncloaked, the wings loose all detail and appear to be made out of streams of light, with metal discs, stationed where the alula would normally be, seemingly controlling the flowing energy.

Unicorn’s Horn (6 CP meld; 36 CP return):

  • Shaping
  • Dragonfire (Specialized: Prerequisite only)
  • Eye of the Dragon (Specialized for reduced cost: Can only be charged with Pulse of the Dragon)
  • Pulse of the Dragon
  • Heart of the Dragon (0 and 1st level) (Corrupted: The Disharmony magic is not visible, but still there. Spells cast via Heart of the Dragon deal only half damage and offer a +6 on saving throws against them to Disharmony-Subtyped creatures)
  • Blood of the Dragon (Specialized: Only for Shaping effects)
  • The Dragon’s Bones (Specialized: Heart of the Dragon spells only)

This provides basic unicorn-magic on the cheap. Keep in mind that Heart of the Dragon spells deal no additional damage to harmony-subtypes creatures (assuming they exist). This is a great deal more flexible than normal racial unicorn magic otherwise though. Still, keep in mind that you should probably resort to other abilities when fighting a disharmonic enemy. And protect it well, or the accursed-disadvantages will strike pretty hard. Cloaked, it looks like a unicornhorn, albeit a bit bigger and pointier. Uncloaked, it looks like you have a metal plate in your forehead with a metal rod sticking out of it.

Pony Magic (7 CP meld; 40 CP return):

  • 10d6 Mana, with the spell enhancement natural magic (corrupted for two-thirds cost: May only be used for Rune Magic or Natural Magic)

If superheroics are in play, there is a good chance no one will bother with this. If not, however, this provides a great source of metamagic, and, more importantly, fuel for Rune Magic. This is a failed attempt at Alicorn-Magic: The fuel is there, but the control still lacks. Cloaked, this makes your hair weirdly wavy. Uncloaked, it looks like you have a metal plate covering up your entire underbelly, leaking green fluid and has you project the afterimage of a monsterous alicorn whenever you move.

Mechanical Chaos (8 CP meld; 48 CP return; Grants Cyberware Hexcrafting (Cha-based; Chaos Deck):

  • 26 Caster Level (Specialized in Hexcrafting)
  • One fixed card (Specialized: This cards powers aren’t all that useful for combat and can easily be undone via harmony magic)
  • 12 Cards (Specialized: Can only use three+ card magic and the effects are easily dispelled and reversed by the use of Harmony (Friendship, Rainbow, Elements of Harmony – all the same) Magic)

This additional Cyberware is already inside (albeit in biological form) a Non-Pony, but requires this outlet to be activated and put to use. However, the moment it is turned from organic matter to metal, gears and magic, it provides all the downsides of Cyberware… Which, with a 48 CP cost on top of the 10 CP cost a Non-Pony already has, are going to trigger, and trigger hard. The benefits, however, are immense: A Non-Pony can invoke Epic-Level effects when this is in play. Of course, Chaos Magic is random unless used for… useless things and you might not have as much control as you think. When cloaked, it looks like your body is shuffeled, every part that isn’t predetermined by other melds changing into that of a random animal. Uncloaked, you appear mostly normal… If it weren’t for the fact that every part that isn’t predetermined by other melds is replaced by clockwork and you appear to twitch uncontrollably.



In conclusion, Non-Ponies aren’t as adorable as normal ponies, but pack quite a punch and are one of the more powerful +0 ECL races.


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